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Are You Up to the Writing Challenge?

It’s November again, and for many of you that means NaNoWriMo—National Novel Writing Month. All the skinny can be found at More than 200,000 writers have already signed up to accept the challenge. If you’re serious about actually writing a novel in a month, Jennifer and I recommend you buy a copy of our […]

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How to Impress Editors

If you want to sell your manuscript, you must correspond with editors like a professional.  Whether you are querying an editor about sending a manuscript or submitting a story with a cover letter, make sure you do it correctly from the get-go. There are excellent guides on how to do this–Every Page Perfect by Mary Lynn, […]

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Research the Market and Sell Your Book

How do you write a book that will sell? Knowing the market is a key factor in producing a marketable manuscript. And part of being market savvy is knowing what category your idea falls into. There are various categories of children’s books, such as concept book, picture book, storybook, chapter book, reader and novel. On pages […]

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We Agree with E.B. White

An aspiring writer named Mike once wrote E.B. White and asked what he needed to do to get his book published. The famous author took some time before he wrote back, but when he did, this was his advice: “The principal thing (an author) has to do is to write a good book. Then he […]

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Write a Great Picture Book

I enjoy reading picture books for the fun of it, the art, and to analyze what makes a good story. I would love to master the craft of writing wonderful picture books that become beloved favorites of children. From researching and reading the masters, I’ve learned that most of the factors below are in stories […]

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