Getting Started



Do you dream of writing and selling a children’s book?

Do you know what makes a book marketable?

Learn how to analyze and target today’s market.
Learn where your book would fit in the market.
Learn which publishing houses want your kind of book.
Learn about story arc and how to plot.
Learn what kids love to read.

Our method works!

We’ve used our method 30 times to write manuscripts that have sold to major publishers such as Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Gale Cengage.
Some of our titles have even won contests and awards.

You can use our plan to write a picture book, a chapter book, a reader, a middle grade nonfiction book or a middle grade novel of 25,000 words.
(And we teach what these book categories are and how they differ.)

We don’t offer a magic bullet. We don’t make outlandish promises.

We teach you what professional authors know about the writing business and the book market.

We teach you how professional writers use this knowledge before and after they write to get their books sold.

How do you begin? Where do you begin?

We guide you step by step, week by week.
We show you what to do first and how to keep going.
We’ll provide the “how to.” You provide the determination and elbow grease.

You don’t find the time to write a book. You MAKE the time.

Published writers have no more hours in their day to write than you do.
Mega-authors on the New York Times Best-Seller list also have leaky roofs, rebellious teenagers, illnesses and car trouble. They work around these problems.
You can too.

Free up two hours a day for seven weeks and write your book!

The key to success is YOU.

No more excuses. Start now.

Take action to fulfill your dream.