March 2, 2014

Same Old Stuff? Get Inspired!

I’ve discovered some fun websites and even gleaned an idea from one to use in a book. Maybe they’ll inspire you with ideas for characters and plots or provide fun tidbits to include in your stories. They are also just interesting  to explore.

This site offers a wide range of lists with a short piece about each item on the list. You can click on headings like Recent, Popular, Randon, and Bizarre. I found the following topics:

10 Underwater Animals With Astonishing Abilities
10 Disgusting Animal Habits That Will Make Your Skin Crawl
10 Notable Last Survivors Of Historic Events
10 Real-Life Inspirations For Famous Literary Characters

This is an e-card site, but you don’t have to register to access the vast amount of info. The home page lists such things as Happenings, Holidays and Events and This Month in History for the current month. But click on “Bizarre and Unique Days” at the left of the home page for a list of stuff you probably never knew about March and other months.

For instance, yesterday, March 1, was “National Pig Day” and “Peanut Butter Lover’s Day.” And what about tomorrow, March 3? You and your dog and cat will be happy to know it’s “I Want You to Be Happy Day” and “If Pets Had Thumbs Day.”

Today, March 2, is “Old Stuff Day.” This day requires that you break out of your same ol’, same ol’ rut and make exciting changes.

So let today inspire you. Take one step toward your dream. Get started on that book that’s been brewing in your mind and heart. Today, shake off your habit of thinking about writing and actually write. Jot down the three most important characters in your story, what they look like, talk like and what they want more than anything. Tomorrow write 500 more words about the important events and actions that will happen in your story.

Need help getting started? Please take a look at our workbook Write a Marketable Children’s Book in 7 Weeks. It will give you a structured guide that takes the guessing out of how to start and how to keep moving. There’s no better day to start on your dream than now!

We’d love to hear about your projects and would be glad to answer your questions or discuss possible solutions to writing problems you face.




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